Asia Pacific Conferences:

organizes 1000+ Global Events comprehensive of 300+ Conferences, 500+ Upcoming and Previous Symposiums and Workshops in USA, Europe and Asia with support from 1000 more consistent social requests and conveys 900+ Open access journals contains in excess of 30000 celebrated identities, presumed researchers as article board individuals.

About Conference:

Cancer Research and therapy focus on innovative technologies. This gathering incorporates inspiring intelligent presentations and keynote speakers who will give a universal stage to discourse of present and future difficulties in Cancer research and therapy.

31st International Conference on Cancer Research and therapy is among the World’s leading Scientific Conference. The two-day event on Cancer Research and therapy will host 60+ Scientific and technical sessions and sub-sessions on innovative researches in the field of Cancer Research and therapy across the globe. Cancer Research 2019 will constitute of 17 major sessions designed to offer comprehensive sessions that states current issues in the various field of Cancer research and therapy.

The attendees can find exclusive sessions and panel discussions on latest innovations in Advanced Cancer research and treatments by:

• Lectures from renowned speakers
• Keynote forums by Prominent Professors, Doctors
• Open Innovation Challenges
• Poster presentations by Young Researchers
• Global Networking sessions with 50+ Countries
• Novel techniques to benefit your research
• Best platform for Global business and Networking opportunities
• Meet the editors of referred journals, Society and Association members across the Globe
• Excellent platform to showcase the latest products and formulations in Oncology  fi

Unique Features:

This event is CME and CPD Accredited.

The event is in collaboration with the Egyptian Society of Oncology, Pink Ribbon, MAHAK- Society for children suffering from Cancer ,Placid Way, Informed, Med gadget, Verdict Hospitals, Federation of European neuroscience society, Athens Medical Group etc

Organizing Committee Members:

  • Qiao Li – Professor, University of Michigan, USA
  • Alireza Heidari Professor California South University, USA
  • Jan Jacques Michiels, Professor, Goodheart Institute, Netherlands
  • Abdulqader Al-Hebshi, Professor, National Guard Health Affairs, Saudi Arabia
  • Raed Haleem, Professor, University of Kufa Najaf, Iraq

Cancer Research 2019 Emphasizes on:

Cancer Research | Cancer Genetics | Cancer Epigenetics | Cancer Science  | Cancer diagnostics| Cancer Therapies & prevention| Cancer Stem Cells| Biomarkers| Biopsy| Chemotherapy| Cancer screening  | Cancer Immunotherapy many more topics

 Note: Proposals for Speakers talks, Workshops and Symposium accepted !!!

 Plan a trip to Zurich, Switzerland !!

Information source:

Conference Web-Site:

Organizing Committee

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